Organic Waste

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Solid Organic Waste

At GWAR, we understand the power of recycling materials into an usable, organic, and beneficial products.  Recycling not only solves your problem of removing solid organic waste materials, but also helps us in our goal to conserve, reduce and reuse as much waste as possible. Because we create and manage a proprietary composting process, your organic waste can be turned into products for landscapers, farmers, and home gardeners. Let us come and remove your waste. GWAR can also work with you to design containers that specifically serve your solid organic waste and hauling needs.


Liquid Organic Waste

GWAR holds soil amendment licenses approved by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. If you have waste water, we can develop a custom removal program for your facility and use it to help produce better soils. We understand how to safely treat and apply organic liquid waste for useful purposes – and, most importantly to you, we know how to carefully remove it and haul it away from your business. We understand how difficult it can be to store and hold liquid waste, which is why we help you eliminate this problem and reach a zero-waste standard day after day.

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